Elisa Champions Circuit pistejärjestelmä julkaistu

Nyt se on sitten kerrottu, että miten näissä Elisan ja Relogin yms turnauksissa lasketaan pisteitä.

Pisteiden laskun toimittaa koko tässä 2,7 miljoonan dollarin CS:GO turnauskiertueella GRID Integrity Services. Turnauskiertueelle ovat mukana Elisan lisäksi Funspark Ulti, HSH Series sekä Pinnacle Cupit.

Kaikista turnauksista kertyy pisteitä Elisan vuoden 2022 Elisa Champion of Champions turnaukseen. Kuusi joukkuetta pääsee suoraan turnaukseen ja jo käydyt Elisa Invitational Kevät 2021, Snow Sweet Snow 1-3, Spring Sweet Spring Cup1, sekä Pinnacle Cup 2021 ja Funspark Ulti 2021 Euroopan turnaus ovat mukana pistelaskuissa.

Elisa kertoi asiasta mm näin:

Points Categories

  • Win the Tournament (15 Points)
  • Finish 2nd Place (10 Points)
  • Player with Most MVPs (5 Points)
  • Top 3 Round Difference Teams (3 Points, 2 Points, 1 Point)
  • Player with Most Kills (3 Points)
  • Win Main Swiss, 2 teams (3 Points)
  • Team with Most Wins (2 Points)
  • Team with best GRID rating (2 Points)
  • Win Regional Swiss, 2 teams (2 Points)
  • Player with best GRID rating (1 Point)
  • Win GSL Group (1 Point)
  • Every match played (1 Point)
  • Every win (1 Point)
  • Participating in the event (1 Point)

The purpose of the points system is to increase competitiveness and reward the teams who put the most playing time into the competitions over 2021.

“Over the last 2 years, our Integrity Service team and technology has become paramount to protecting the competitive security and commercial interests of our partnered TOs and publishers. The opportunity to partner with Elisa across their landmark Tournament Circuit the Champion of Champions and combine both our data analysis with our integrity team’s work is the perfect fit.

We look forward to all the action that is set to unfold across the 2021/22 season, and have worked towards conceptualizing a points system with Elisa that rewards all of the participating teams for their hard work and grind through the lower stages of the competing cups, as well as those good enough to win each of the competitions!” Tom Warburton, COO of GRID Esports.

“We have been searching for a long time for the right kind of partner to provide our Elisa Esports tournaments with the best possible integrity services. With GRID we can trust that all of our tournament data is handled securely and professionally. By joining forces we can now create something new and exciting that has never been seen before in the modern CS:GO era.“ Teemu Koski, Head of Elisa Esports.

You can follow the points updates every couple of weeks at @ElisaEsports, @TheEsportsBible, @PinnacleEsports, @RelogMedia & @Funspark socials.

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