is a site mainly for Finnish players, fans and companies. Esports is most of all international, and so is working also to develop the network., where Finnish eSports organizations, players and sponsors can find new contacts in Europe. Development is always ongoing situation.

Esports and iinternational co-operation and development

We want to work as a glue in the network, to offer data, information and contacts. To enable international contracts, new connections, even real co-operation over old borders. As we have started this site in Autumn 2020, work is just started. Now in the beginning of 2021 we are contacting eSports organizations in Europe to enquire their willigness to come as a part of the network, no strings attached, no demands, no payments. We start with information network.

This page would work as a base, to grow into site (not yet) to host information of European and World contacts in eSports. But before that, as we get new information from organizations, we will open a page for each of the organizations and list them all on this page. We will do this as soon as it is feasible and at least some organizations has send us:

  • logo
  • basic information and history as a text
  • possible image
  • list of services, list of teams
  • country of origin
  • contact details, links to www, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook….


You may already be in contact with Editor-in-Chief Mr Kari Oksanen, or even call him directly at +35810 327 4230